Highlights from the CNN Sponsored Trump MAGA Rally

CNN’s Town Hall (attempted ambush) backfired and turned into a CNN sponsored Trump campaign rally!! This of course has Democrats frothing at the mouth! The CNN audience applauded Trump repeatedly and even gave him a standing ovation!

Also, watch as CNN’s Kaitlan Collins wins the 2023 MOIYA (Most Obnoxious Interviewer of the Year Award).

I’m sure that Kaitlan had no bias or hatred towards Trump, oh but wait – there is this one little thing. Remember when President Trump BANNED a CNN reporter from the White House for asking inappropriate questions?

Yup – that was Kaitlan.

Oh, and let’s not forget who Kaitlan really is. Past tweets reveal CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins not only has a history of asking inappropriate and ridiculous questions – she also tweets it!! She called someone a “fag” and she also claimed to be uncomfortable around lesbians.

5 thoughts on “Highlights from the CNN Sponsored Trump MAGA Rally

  1. Walter Myers says:

    Initially,like many other observers, I found CNN’s “Trump Town Hall” to be a poorly conceived broadcast disaster. What was CNN thinking giving Trump the stump from which he could bellow and bully the callow young reporter in front of an audience of his most ardent supporters from the “Live Free or Die” state? Upon reflection, the staging and unmitigated blather the former President
    offered up revealed early and often just why Americans overwhelmingly rejected him in 2020. It also evoked an atmosphere of a carnival burlesque morality play which in retrospect provided swing voters with a timely reminder of his duplicitous mendacity. Well done Kaitlan Collins!

  2. Trump literally says the war should end everyone should stop killing everyone in that video.

  3. Collins was insulting and rude and kept interrupting Trump and “correcting” his answers to questions.
    If she already knew the answers, why in the hell was she asking questions she obviously didn’t want to hear HIS answers to? The audience LOVED Trump.

  4. Mark Gilden says:

    Trump was being Trump.

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