Ebay is Selling Counterfeit U.S Currency and Coins

eBay seems to be the worlds marketplace – for counterfeit US currency and counterfeit coins! It is illegal to produce or sell exact copies of U.S. currency under United States law. eBay should not be allowing the sale of such items on its platform, and any individuals or entities engaging in such activities could face criminal charges and fines.

Counterfeit currency not only violates the law, but it can also harm the economy by destabilizing the value of real currency and eroding public trust in the financial system. It is important that all individuals and companies act responsibly and within the bounds of the law to ensure the integrity of the U.S. currency – but not eBay!

There are hundreds of listings, bundles, sets, single pieces!! Here are just a few examples –

2pcs 2021 American Silver Eagle Coin American Collectible US Coin USA Commemorat 7445054849848 | eBay

2019-1 Ounce American Silver Eagle United States of Amweica Commemorative CoinsI | eBay

2009 W $1 American Eagle Silver Dollar American Mint State USA STOCK | eBay

Links below:

2PCS $1 American 1 oz 1 Silver Eagle Coin 999 Fine Silver BU | eBay

Realistic fake money 20 Dollar Bill x 25 movie props and play money | eBay

Realistic fake money 100 Dollar Bill x 10, movie props and play moneys | eBay

Realistic fake money 100 Dollar Bill x 25 movie props and play money | eBay

The selling or distribution of counterfeit U.S. currency is illegal under multiple federal laws. The primary law that prohibits the selling of counterfeit U.S. currency is 18 U.S. Code § 473, which makes it a crime to possess, sell, or pass counterfeit U.S. currency. The full text of the statute is as follows:

“Whoever, with intent to defraud, passes, utters, publishes, or sells, or attempts to pass, utter, publish, or sell, or with like intent brings into the United States or keeps in possession or conceals any falsely made, forged, counterfeited, or altered obligation or other security of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

This statute criminalizes the act of knowingly selling, passing, or attempting to sell counterfeit U.S. currency with the intent to defraud. It also makes it illegal to bring counterfeit currency into the United States or to conceal it. Are you listening eBay?

Factoid: The counterfeit currency and coins sold on ebay are made in China.

The images below show just one of the many Chinese factories that produce US one-hundred-dollar bills.

20,000 REPLICA Play Money For Movie Fun Games Prank. $100 Bills (200 Count) | eBay

100Pc Prop Fake Money Looks Real Best Toys For Pretend Play Music Birthday Party | eBay

Realistic Fake Money, Replica 100 x 10 | eBay

10 Sets 80 Pcs US dollar Color Silver Banknote Crafts Paper Money Props Gift | eBay

Here are some counterfeit U.S Silver Eagles and rare coins!!
These fake coins are not only counterfeit US money, but they are also fooling many dealers! These coins are made with the sole purpose of fooling people – they are exact copies of the originals! Like the currency they are coming into the USA mostly from China.

Link: Faux Silver Eagle Coins qty 6 Could be fun for kids or used as golf ball markers | eBay



Link: 1893 Morgan Silver Dollar Double Stamp Error Prop Coin READ DESCRIPTION | eBay

Link: Two Imitation Dollar Coin Concho’s Replicas Piece, Tails and one Liberty | eBay


Link: Two 1795 Draped Bust Liberty fantasy coins – free shipping! | eBay

This seller has the entire lineup!! Counterfeit US Silver Eagles – phony silver bars complete with Silver Towne’s logo on it – counterfeit Mexican silver – you name it and they have it!! None of them are silver – they are all fakes.

eBay Listings for Grannies Place 96

FAKE Silver Towne Bars!!


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5 thoughts on “Ebay is Selling Counterfeit U.S Currency and Coins

  1. This is unbelievable!

  2. Rob Arnold says:

    After 9/11 the terrorist scum attempted to cause a deluge of counterfeit USD to undermine our economy. Measures were taken by the Bush White House against those attempts.

    Then, the Obama White House printed off currency like monopoly money. Sorta similar to counterfeiting. Bad, in any case.

    Now this.


  3. UsualSuspects says:

    Just one more crime occuring in Biden’s lawless America.

  4. The fleecing of America. Death by a thousand cuts. ebay just adding a few more cuts.

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