President Biden’s New Book “How to Gaffe and Win”

President Joe Biden has penned a new motivational book titled “How to Gaffe and Win.” The book, which promises to reveal the secrets of Biden’s legendary ability to stumble and fumble his way to victory, went on sale today.

From declaring that he was running for the Senate to forgetting his own Defense Secretary’s name, the president has consistently proven that the art of gaffe-making is a surefire way to win the hearts and minds of the American voter. “Democrats absolutely LOVE Biden’s lack of intelligence and his absent mindedness – it makes him a real person – a real Democrat – you know what I mean?” said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC continued, “There is no one that represents the Democrat party more accurately than Joe Biden. The last election showed that overwhelmingly. Joe Biden received more than 81 million votes – more than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history!! He is more popular than JFK!!”

The book’s chapters include gems like “Think this way – Point that way” “When in Doubt – Mumble,” and “The Power of Incoherence.” Biden takes readers on a journey through his most memorable blunders, dissecting each one with the precision of a wordsmith who has mastered the art of not making any sense at all.

CNN has hailed the book as a work of genius, praising Biden for his ability to turn what would be a career-ending misstep for any other politician into a charming moment of relatability. CNN’s Anderson Cooper commented, “Biden’s gaffes are like a warm hug in a world of scripted speeches and carefully crafted soundbites. His ability to stumble upon the right words at the wrong time is just genius.”

“Remember, when life gives you a gaffe, turn it into a victory” – Joe Biden

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