10 Democrat Controlled States kept Lincoln off the Ballot in 1860

During the 1860 U.S. presidential election, certain Southern states did not include Abraham Lincoln on the ballot, all Democrat strongholds. Ten out of the eleven states that would later form the Confederacy did not include Abraham Lincoln’s name on their ballots. The Democratic Party in the South was more aligned with pro-slavery sentiments, and the tensions over the issue of slavery contributed to the division between Northern and Southern states.

Abraham Lincoln, a candidate representing the newly formed Republican Party, found himself at the center of this storm. His anti-slavery stance, while resonating with many in the North, was met with fierce resistance from the Southern Democrats that heavily relied on slave labor.

As a result, Lincoln’s name was notably absent from the ballot in ten Southern states. These states took a decisive stand against Lincoln’s candidacy, reflecting the deep divide that would eventually lead to the outbreak of the Civil War. Here are the ten states that did not include Abraham Lincoln on the ballot:

  1. Alabama: Opposition to Lincoln’s anti-slavery views led to his exclusion from the ballot in Alabama.
  2. Arkansas: The state of Arkansas joined others in rejecting Lincoln’s candidacy.
  3. Florida: Floridians, influenced by pro-slavery sentiments, did not see Lincoln as a viable candidate.
  4. Georgia: Lincoln faced strong resistance in Georgia, where the debate over slavery was particularly intense.
  5. Louisiana: Lincoln’s absence from the ballot in Louisiana mirrored the state’s pro-slavery stance.
  6. Mississippi: The deep South state of Mississippi was among those that actively opposed Lincoln’s candidacy.
  7. North Carolina: Opposition to Lincoln’s anti-slavery platform led to his exclusion from the North Carolina ballot.
  8. South Carolina: As a hotbed of pro-slavery sentiment, South Carolina did not feature Lincoln on its ballot.
  9. Tennessee: Tennessee initially excluded Lincoln from its presidential ballot.
  10. Texas: Lincoln’s anti-slavery views clashed with Texas’s reliance on slave labor, resulting in his absence from the state’s ballot.

These states’ refusal to include Lincoln on their ballots underscored the growing regional tensions that would ultimately erupt into the American Civil War.

10 thoughts on “10 Democrat Controlled States kept Lincoln off the Ballot in 1860

  1. Rob Arnold says:

    The Democrats of today are pretty much the same ilk as in the 1800’s. These people have been cheating and lying their way into the halls of power for a very long time and the move in Colorado is indicative of their nasty little ways.

    Racist Democrats hide it behind broad smiles and government handouts today. But they cannot hide their treachery against the democratic process, the electorate itself, because the Trump movement dwarfs them and all they have at their disposal are transparent attempts at sabotage, as they wear election interference on their sleeves. The true colors of the Democratic Party are shining brightly, that they couldn’t care less about the people, the citizenry, the voter.

    No one of sound mind, heart and soul could possibly be okay with these people. The hatred of DJT is psychotic, the actions taken unconstitutional at every turn. Colorado is not a new low, it’s who these damn people have just about always been, Lincoln towered, and Trump towers, over all of them.

    1. Vince Elkhorn says:

      They can take him off the ballots but there are always write ins and you can write anyone’s name on that line. People will still vote for him.

      Although Colorado is a pretty liberal state. The sad thing is that the liberals can’t comprehend that every place they run goes to shit.

  2. It needs to be pointed out that the Democrat Party refused to provide a valid primary process for 2024 and forced serious candidates into third party candidacies. This combined with the demonizing of prominent Republicans reminds me of the “democracy” of Joseph Stalin. Stalin considered his version of democracy as the only pure form of said. I begin to understand with greater clarity the rejection of pure democracy by the founders. A Republic with underlying democratic principles (and strong individual rights) was the best vehicle available to them. In the current firestorm, it might be wise to look at the parallels between present-day democrats and the Putin-Navatny dance. Perhaps both Russia and the U.S. are locked into post-Soviet Union processes. I pray that we find our way back to true Constitutional principles.

    1. Rob Arnold says:

      Beautifully stated, Loren M. Freeman for Governor…

  3. Sydney Moore says:

    Donald Trump is the modern-day Abraham Lincoln in many ways. Trump is an extremely important figure, I hope that he has a full understanding of his true legendary position in American history.

  4. Biden has the lowest approval ratings of any president in history, but has no plans to run a campaign, no debates with anyone, he can’t even handle a ten minute press conference off the cuff. And his party hates him, the economy is in shambles, WWIII could happen any moment, and somehow he is going to win the election
    Against someone who fills stadiums …..

    There can’t be an election in 2024 is my only guess?

  5. Bobby from Nassau says:

    Where is the Constitutional OUTRAGE by the AMERICAN PEOPLE over the Democrat-controlled Colorado State Supreme Court ruling to exclude President Donald John Trump from the Colorado REPUBLICAN primary ballot???? Last time I looked, the Republicans run their own primary, just as the Democrats run theirs!

    Think about it …. a STATE Supreme Court making a judicial ruling on a phony FEDERAL ALLEGATION … no indictment … no trial by jury… no evidence presented … NO DUE PROCESS???

    Has TTDD* rendered the U.S. Constitution NULL & VOID???
    TTDD is only contagious among filthy lying, hoaxing, cheating, frauding, election-thieving, election-interfering Democrats!!!

    *Terminal Trump Derangement Disease … Stage 4!

  6. Did you know that almost all slaves purchased in the United States were bought by Democrats? In 1860, all 4 million slaves were owned by Democrats. Republican Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863, freeing all those that were slaves. The Republican party in the southern states was founded by former slaves. These same people were the first of their race elected to the U.S. House and Senate.

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