NYC Actor Dusty Gillette Attacked by Five Google Employees yelling “This is Google country Whitey”

Dusty Gillette is a 55-year-old actor residing in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. He is a professional actor with the leading role in the hit Broadway play “Mr. Pipps.” Early Sunday morning, February 25th Dusty was walking near the Chelsea market, just a few feet away from Google’s NYC headquarters, when he heard a group of men yell out very loudly “Look, there’s a Whitey! Get him!” It was 4:30 am and no one else was around. Dusty took off running but the five men caught up with him in front of the Target Wonderland located at 10th avenue. All five men were wearing masks.

The group violently beat Dusty and told him that he was “in Google country”. At that moment the tall man, who seemed to be the main agitator in the group, pulled out a large bottle of brown liquid and threw it on Mr. Gillette. The skinny man with the designer glasses then placed a noose around Dusty’s neck and told him once again, very sternly “you listen to me Whitey, this is Google country understand?”

Above image of Gillette in his favorite role as Ronnie Pipps”
in the smash Broadway hit musical “Mr. Pipps”

Police said that the attackers were trying to cover Dusty in some kind of brown liquid dye or paint. “Basically, they were trying to dye him brown.” said officer Tommy Shanahan, one of the first officers to arrive on the scene.

NYPD spokesperson Patty Mitch stated that they are actively investigating this case. One detective who refused to be named stated that something about this case seemed “fishy” but others in the department have an opposite opinion. “Look, we’ve all seen Google Gemini making everybody black so they do have a history to suggest that they may be involved in this type of an attack – I mean, I’ve seen it – they are trying to turn everybody brown”

This is what Google Gemini has done to Elon Musk

The recent Google Gemini debacle has shown the world that Google is on a mission to turn Caucasian people brown and the Dusty Gillette attack has shown us that they are now getting physical.

How far is Google willing to go to create an all brown society? We don’t know but inside sources have produced receipts showing massive amounts of brown paint have been delivered to Google’s NYC headquarters. Are they remodeling? We don’t know.

The attack on Gillette bares striking similarities to another attack that took place not too long ago in Chicago. Of course we are talking about the disgusting attack on actor Jussie Smollett.

We will keep you updated.

6 thoughts on “NYC Actor Dusty Gillette Attacked by Five Google Employees yelling “This is Google country Whitey”

  1. Rob Arnold says:

    This is one of the finest satirical pieces of work ever produced.
    Spot on. Fantastically done.

  2. Great article!! Cheers from Germany!!

  3. George Goebel says:

    This piece NAILED it!! Google may never recover from this!!
    Beyond embarrassing and you rubbed their noses in it nicely!!

  4. Maria Donna says:

    A B C D E F YOU GOOGLE and the Alphabet Company! This is great satire!

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