Xi Jinping warns Armed Forces to prepare for ‘Actual Combat’ – Chinese Media

President Xi Jinping has urged the Chinese military to prepare for real combat, national media reported on Wednesday. The remarks came days after Beijing held massive military drills around Taiwan which reportedly involved the simulation of precision strikes on the self-governing island.

Addressing military personnel at a navy base in Southern China on Tuesday, Xi called for the strengthening of “military training oriented toward actual combat,” as quoted by the state-run CCTV channel.

The Chinese leader is reported to have named the defense of Beijing’s “territorial sovereignty and maritime interests” as well as the protection of “overall peripheral stability” as the navy’s core mission.

This photo taken on April 7, 2023 shows the rocket force of the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) transferring a missile before the combat readiness patrol and military exercises around the Taiwan Island. ©  Liu Mingsong/Xinhua

2 thoughts on “Xi Jinping warns Armed Forces to prepare for ‘Actual Combat’ – Chinese Media

  1. Taiwan has elections coming up. The people of Taiwan need to understand that they have two choices: Oust the separtist/insurectionist lackies of the U.S. and elect sensible leaders that want peace with China — or become another Ukraine — bankrupt and mostly destroyed.

  2. 1: To China, Taiwan is a core sovereign issue while Taiwan is a peripheral issue for US .
    2: Geographically, US has no chance in winning a war on logistics.
    3: There may not even be a war when de-dollarization takes place..

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