White People to receive Reparations for Slavery under the Greeks and Romans

In a decision aimed at addressing historical injustices, Caucasians worldwide are set to receive reparations for their ancestors’ enslavement by ancient civilizations such as the Romans (Italy) and the ancient Greeks (Greece). The International Commission for Historical Justice (ICHJ) has unveiled a comprehensive reparations program that will provide each eligible Caucasian individual with a $50,000 annual compensation for historical slavery. Additionally, due to their unique gladiatorial ancestry, Caucasians will receive an unprecedented bonus of $400,000 per year, acknowledging the perilous battles against lions and tigers in ancient arenas that their enslaved African brothers did not have to endure.

The announcement, delivered by ICHJ spokesperson Dr. Octavia Aurelius, marks a historic step towards acknowledging and addressing the often-overlooked suffering of Caucasians in antiquity. “This dual compensation approach recognizes the distinct experiences of Caucasians in historical slavery, including the additional challenges they faced as gladiators,” Dr. Aurelius emphasized, highlighting the importance of historical truth and justice.

The news has elicited a range of reactions, from celebration to cautious optimism. Some Caucasians see the reparations and bonuses as a significant acknowledgment of their ancestors’ struggles and a step towards healing and reconciliation. “This compensation represents a meaningful recognition of our shared history and the resilience of our ancestors,” remarked Sarah Maximus, a descendant of enslaved individuals and gladiators.

The world watches closely as Caucasians navigate this historic moment of reckoning and reparations, acknowledging their past while striving towards a more just and equitable future.

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