King Charles III is a Descendant of Dracula and owns properties in Transylvania

The former Prince of Wales is the heir to Vlad the Impaler’s bloodline.

King Charles, formerly known as the Prince of Wales, has a fascinating connection to Vlad the Impaler – also known as Vlad Dracula. Vlad was a 15th-century Romanian warlord. His brutal methods of execution earned him the nickname “the Impaler.” His sadistic reputation and penchant for torture made him a legend in his time, with victims estimated in the tens of thousands. Bram Stoker’s iconic 1897 novel, “Dracula,” drew inspiration from Vlad’s gruesome deeds.

King Charles is Vlad’s great-grandson 16 times removed as recently reported by Romania Tour Store.

Here’s how the connection unfolds:

  • Mary of Teck’s paternal grandmother was Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge.
  • Princess Mary Adelaide’s mother was Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel.
  • Princess Augusta’s father was Prince William of Hesse-Kassel.
  • Prince William’s mother was Princess Louise Charlotte of Denmark.
  • Princess Louise Charlotte’s mother was Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
  • Charlotte’s mother was Princess Louise of Denmark and Norway.
  • Princess Louise’s mother was Charlotte Amalie of Denmark.
  • Charlotte Amalie’s mother was Landgravine Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel.
  • Landgravine Charlotte Amalie’s father was Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel.
  • Charles I’s mother was Hedwig Sophie of Hesse-Kassel.
  • Hedwig Sophie’s mother was Magdalene of Brandenburg.
  • Magdalene’s mother was Sophie of Brandenburg.
  • Sophie’s mother was Barbara of Saxony.
  • Barbara’s mother was Princess Maria of Saxony, who was married to Vlad the Impaler.

Therefore, through this lineage, King Charles III and Vlad the Impaler are related through their shared descent from Charles V and Mary of Teck’s ancestry.

Prince Charles owns multiple properties in Transylvania including the castle below.

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