Watch as Elon Musk Shreds BBC Reporter James Clayton

This is what happens when Unprepared Foolishness decides to interview Pure Genius.

“We’ve spoken to people very recently who were involved in moderation, and they just say there are not enough people to police this stuff, particularly around hate speech in the company,” BBC U.S. Tech reporter James Clayton said in an interview released Tuesday night. “Is that something that you want to address?”

Musk was quick to ask for clarification from Clayton.

“What hate speech are you talking about? I mean, you use Twitter,” he asked. “Do you see a rise in hate speech? Just a personal anecdote … I don’t.”

Clayton insisted that on his For You page — the tab on Twitter which shows users who you don’t follow — that he personally gets “more of that content.” Musk then asked for more specifics, “content you don’t like or …? Describe a hateful thing.”

At one point clayton states “There’s been a rise in hatful content on Twitter.”

Musk responds: “Give me an example.”

Clayton: “I can’t.”

Musk: “You just lied.”

Do you think this guy still has a job at BBC?

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3 thoughts on “Watch as Elon Musk Shreds BBC Reporter James Clayton

  1. Great interview! Truth and facts are so very powerful – it sucks to be foolish! LOL!!

  2. Ken Markowitz says:


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