Ukraine Faces Corruption Investigation by Pentagon Inspector General over aid Distribution

The Pentagon’s inspector general is examining the Ukrainian government for corruption in relation to the vast aid received since Russia’s invasion last year.

Pentagon Inspector General Robert Storch is probing the Ukrainian government for corruption concerning the large amounts of aid provided to the country after Russia’s invasion in the previous year.

According to Defense One, Storch has over 20 audits planned and nearly 100 people involved in Ukraine-related oversight, working in collaboration with the State Department and USAID. Storch stated that they are covering a broad range of security assistance.

Ukraine has a history of significant corruption issues, which could pose a threat to the nation if they undermine the trust of foreign governments supplying its military with advanced weapons and supplies. Republicans are increasingly critical of the Biden administration’s aid to Ukraine. The U.S. is the leading supporter of Ukraine in its conflict with Moscow, having committed over $78 billion in military, humanitarian, and economic aid since January 2022, according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has referred to the aid packages as a “blank check” lacking strict oversight standards…

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