Video: Guy Spittin’ Facts Shuts Down CNN Prime Time

It’s hard to stop the voice of the American people. Keep it up!! Use a megaphone next time!!

CNN’s attempt to reinvent itself through a new programming strategy at 9 p.m. called “CNN Primetime,” led by the network’s new chairman, Chris Licht, has not yielded positive results. Despite airing exclusive interviews and specials on controversial topics, such as fentanyl abuse and the war in Ukraine, viewership has declined since the program’s launch on Feb. 22. In fact, the network’s ratings during the time slot have dropped below what they were just a few months ago. Recent examples include more Americans watching “Homicide Hunter: The Man With No Face” on the Investigation Discovery cable network than CNN’s exclusive interview with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine and a bigger audience tuning in to “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel than a 9 p.m. interview with the first lady, Jill Biden. The network’s ratings for the week featuring the Biden and Zelensky interviews, as well as a town hall with Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia, were the fourth-lowest in 24 years.

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