mRNA Going into Cows and Pigs This Month

The food supply of every American is going to start being injected with mRNA “vaccines.”

Lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH. It will actually become “vaccine food” and sold to YOU without your INFORMED CONSENT.
Attorney Tom Renz says “To be clear – at this point there are zero states requiring informed consent for “vaccine food”.

mRNA Going into Cows and Pigs This Month –

While I would argue that it must be done under existing law . . .”

We will be given the mRNA – like it or not – because they’re putting it in our food without our informed consent.

This particular bill requires full disclosure of any mRNA therapy injected into the food/meat.
This bill (No.1169) requires full disclosure to the public-on via a conspicuous label.

Bill explanation here:

This bill specifies that any product that acts as, or exposed to
processes that could result in the product potentially acting as, a
gene therapy or that could possibly impact, alter, or introduce
genetic material or a genetic change into the user of the product
or certain other people must be conspicuously labeled with the
words “Potential Gene Therapy Product”, and reasonable steps must
be taken to ensure a potential purchaser or user is made aware of
the presence of this label. If a product is known to be a gene
therapy product, the product must be conspicuously labeled with the
words “Gene Therapy Product”.

Upon the written request, any entity that produces, sells, or
distributes a product with the capacity to infect an individual
with a disease or to expose an individual to certain genetically
modified material must provide all information related to the ways
in which individuals who did not directly obtain or use such
product may be exposed to the product or a component of the
product. Any product manufacturer, government agency, or
organization that has an interest in the production, sale, or
distribution of such a product is also subject to the disclosure
requirement and must provide all relevant reports, research, and
knowledge upon request. Information requested must be provided as
soon as reasonably practicable, but at least within 21 days, after
receipt of the written request.

Any entity that makes a product available that could infect,
transmit to, or be absorbed in any way that would act as a medical
intervention, vaccine, drug, or genetic modification must obtain
fully informed consent from all individuals who could be exposed to
such product before exposure may occur. Fully informed consent
requires, at a minimum, that an individual is made aware of all
benefits and risks, including side effects, of the product, any
adverse events of special interest, and any other reasonably
possible impacts of the product.

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