Russia Declares USA is involved in Missile Attack

Russia’s Foreign Ministry believes the United States is partly to blame for the attack on Sevastopol. Washington has become a party to the conflict because of its arms deliveries to Kiev. US Ambassador Lynne Tracy has been told that her country’s actions will not go unpunished.

On Monday (6/24/2024), the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador Lynne Tracy to express its protest over the deadly attack on Sevastopol. During the conversation, the diplomat was told that the Kiev regime, protected and armed by Washington, had carried out a deliberate missile attack on the civilian population of the Crimean city, injuring or killing dozens of people, including children.

The US has practically become a party to the conflict and is waging a hybrid war against Russia, the ministry stressed. Washington is supplying Kiev with the most modern weapons, such as the ATACMS long-range missiles that were used in yesterday’s attack. Since all ATACMS missile missions are initiated by US specialists, they bear the same responsibility as the Kiev regime for the atrocity.

Moscow noted that Washington’s actions were aimed at encouraging “pro-Nazi authorities of Ukraine” to continue fighting “to the last Ukrainian” by allowing them to launch attacks against targets deep inside Russian territory. These actions would not go unpunished. The State Department assured Tracy that retaliation would be sure to follow.

On Sunday, Ukraine attacked the city of Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, five US ATACMS missiles were used. Four of them were intercepted by anti-aircraft defenses. The detonation of the fragmentation warhead of the fifth missile in the air over a beach resulted in numerous civilian casualties. According to the latest information, four people, including two children, were killed as a result of the attack. More than 150 civilians were injured.

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