NYC: Bragg Protected Thugs Attack NYPD Officers

The policies introduced by Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, have raised concerns among law enforcement agencies regarding their potential impact on police effectiveness and safety. The video below shows the dangers that these officers face on a daily basis. Alvin Bragg’s war on the citizens and police is in full force.

Here are some ways in which Alvin Bragg’s policies endanger the police:

  1. Undermining Deterrence: By reducing charges and emphasizing alternative resolutions Bragg has weakened the deterrent effect of criminal prosecution and jail. The threat of prosecution often serves as a deterrent, deterring individuals from engaging in criminal behavior. Law without teeth is merely a suggestion.

  2. Officer Safety: Police officers face inherent risks and dangers in the line of duty. Concerns arise that Bragg’s elimination of cash bail for certain offenses, will lead to dangerous individuals being released back into the community.

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  3. Impact on Community Relations: Effective policing relies on establishing trust and strong relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Critics worry that Bragg’s policies, which may be perceived as lenient, could erode public confidence in the criminal justice system and the police.
  4. Increased Workload: With reduced charges and an emphasis on alternative resolutions, officers may find themselves dealing with a higher volume of cases that do not result in formal prosecutions. This increased workload can stretch police resources thin, potentially impacting their ability to respond promptly to emergency calls, investigate serious crimes, and maintain proactive policing measures.
  5. Emotional Toll and Morale: Police officers often face emotionally challenging situations and witness the impact of crime firsthand. When policies are perceived as undermining their efforts to maintain public safety, it can take a toll on their morale and sense of effectiveness.

One thought on “NYC: Bragg Protected Thugs Attack NYPD Officers

  1. Mark Gilden says:

    Unbelievable – Democrats and crime go together like cookies and milk! So predictable.

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