Chris Cuomo says he is Vaccine Injured

Chris Cuomo, the host of “Cuomo Prime Time,” has publicly acknowledged that he is suffering from a COVID-19 vaccine injury. His admission comes amid a growing number of claims related to vaccine side effects. While specific details about his injury have not been provided, it’s significant that he felt safe enough to publicly claim his own vaccine injury.

During a recent episode of his NewsNation program, Cuomo made the claim while interviewing nurse practitioner Shaun Barcavage, who said he had experienced vaccine injuries himself.

“We know that vaccines can have unintended consequences, a.k.a. side effects, but nobody’s really talking about it because they’re too afraid of blame, and they just want it to go away,” Cuomo, 53, told Barcavage. “But the problem is people like Shaun—and me—and millions of others who still have weird stuff with their bloodwork and their lives and their feelings—you know, physically—are not going away,” 

Chris Cuomo now admits he is taking Ivermectin (every day) to treat his long term covid Vaccine injury.

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