Ukrainian Command Center Destroyed – Moscow

The facility was targeted by a salvo of sea-launched cruise missiles, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.
Link: Last week we reported the destruction of a bunker near Lviv that was occupied by high ranking NATO officials.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Saturday that it has destroyed a major Ukrainian command center. Cruise missiles launched from the sea were used to target the facility, the ministry’s spokesman, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, announced during a media briefing.

“On the evening of April 28 of this year, Russia’s Armed Forces delivered a group strike with sea-based long-range precision weapons at the location of the commanding officers of Ukraine’s joint troops grouping ‘Kherson,’” Konashenkov stated, adding that the goal of the strike “had been achieved.” The official did not provide any estimates on potential Ukrainian casualties.

2 thoughts on “Ukrainian Command Center Destroyed – Moscow

  1. The buildings been hit from Kiev defense system for trying to hit Russian missiles but backfired. This had happened few times in the past.

  2. Well done Russia. It seems that Russia is well aware of Ukraines intentions and is methodically destroying this capability. This always coming uki offensive is beginning to sound like an advertisment for some lame TV series.
    13 h

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