Video: What would World War III look like?

Democrats seem so excited about the idea of WWIII.
Here we take a look at what will happen when the shit finally hits the fan and all their dreams of war become a reality.

The current US policy is known as “Launch on Warning.”
If a Russian or Chinese missile launch is detected, the US president has a mere six minutes to make a crucial decision. Under this policy, retaliation would occur before there is time to question why the initial alert was triggered. It ensures that the US will launch nuclear weapons in response before the enemy’s bomb actually hits.

President Reagan’s Perspective:
Former US President Ronald Reagan once questioned the wisdom of starting a nuclear war based on a mere “blip on your radar screen.He referred to the six-minute window and called it “irrational.” The reality is that once a nuclear missile is launched it cannot be called back or redirected.

The effects of a nuclear explosion remain horrifyingly devastating with mushroom clouds engulfing cities and unimaginable destruction.

3 thoughts on “Video: What would World War III look like?

  1. Rob Arnold says:

    We are closer now to a nuclear detonation on our planet than we ever were during the Cold War Years. Let us all take that one in.

    Some children, having been whisked from the comfort of their classrooms of yesteryear, amid wailing siren sounds, air raid simulations, and made to go to the basement, cowered under desks with their hands clasped across the backs of their heads, while others did kinda have fun, and were pleased that they did not have to do math work and such. Suffice to say, ALL adults were GRAVELY concerned.

    There is no concern now, as media outlets hide from the citizens the fact that Russia is making serious preparations for the real possibility of nuclear war.

    Oh, the poor, poor Ukrainians. This lacks knowledge, intellectual prowess, worldly perspective.

    The geopolitical aspects of what is going down, with Biden in the Oval, are fast tracking to nothing good. And any person, anywhere, needs to look at that video, here on this website, of nuclear detonation simulation, at least twice, and tell everyone they know to do the same.

    Can we circumvent nuclear war? Only time will tell. But with many Democrats, and others, waving their flags of war, with utter ignorance and illogic, it does not look good. Trump would only get four more years to work his brilliance. Who, pray tell, would grab that mantle of sound reason and leadership, from 2028 forward?

    1. You are spot on Rob! We need Trump and we need him NOW!

  2. We are letting this happen. Talk of war should be challenged. Where are the Liberal “war protesters”?
    Oh wait, I know, they are too busy promoting war and hatred to get involved with anything involving “peace”!!

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