VIDEO: CHAOS in Austin Texas – Cops Retreat

The Austin Police Department responded to “a number of street racing incidents” in Austin Saturday night. Witnesses described it as “chaos.”

Witnesses posted videos on Twitter of a scene unfolding near the intersection of Barton Springs Road and South Lamar Boulevard just before 10 p.m.

A video posted by Aaron Crews shows vehicles drifting in the center of the intersection as fireworks explode on the ground. Another video shows a group of people running after an APD vehicle as it reverses on Barton Springs Road. Someone places a firework on the hood of the vehicle, and it goes off several seconds later.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: CHAOS in Austin Texas – Cops Retreat

  1. Disgusting – Send in the National Guard

  2. DatsDaTrufe says:

    the old country we had is gone
    the country we have now cant be saved

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