4 thoughts on “Video: Biden’s Border Patrol Agents Cut Barbed Wire to Allow Illegals to enter USA

  1. Rob Arnold says:

    A two minute read here, a must read.

    The only real question at hand is whether the Border Patrol Agents involved in cutting that fence, and standing by for it, are angry that they were ordered to do so, or if they are intentionally complicit in allowing illegal entry into our country.
    If the former, they may wanna blow the whistle for being given such a directive, and simply join another law enforcement agency that is not subject to such illicit actions in the chain of command. If the latter they should be locked up their damn selves.

    Now, a sidebar question is if they simply understood that these particular people illegally entering were not rapists, murderers, drug runners, gun runners, etc., but families with children, and felt compelled to help accordingly. If so, sorry, but it remains dereliction of duty. There are better ways than to destroy fencing to allow for and aid and abet illegal entry.

    We do not need immigration reform so much as we need asylum reform. Perhaps, if enough people raise their voices about this video, and any other videos like it, we can start taking steps toward just that. Anyone escaping horrors of horrors should not just be told to go home, with a tapping foot, but should be given legitimate consideration for asylum. With Biden in the White House those deserving of safe haven here are more likely to be ultimately chased out, while those who seek to do harm will be given US ID and set loose on our citizens.

    We need Trump back in the White House, very obviously, and asylum reform should be a first priority, implemented in tandem with blunt force trauma against illegal entry into America.

    1. Ron McCaffrey says:

      Trump is a racist criminal. He will never be President again. I’ll take a group of Mexican migrants over Trump any day of the week.

  2. Joel Fienman says:

    This is unacceptable but with Democrats running the show it is not uncommon for law enforcement to be given orders that go directly against the public interests.

  3. Rob Arnold says:

    Well, there, Ron, these two things are very obviously mutually exclusive from each other. A group of Mexican migrants is not an either/or to Trump, really rather first grade logic. And they are not actually migrants, they are criminal trespassers, oh, um, err.

    The word racist is so thrown around by Trump haters as to have lost all meaning. All President Trump would have to say is that he likes fluffy white clouds and RACIST!! comes out of the mouths of fools. The man has put thousands and thousands of minorities to work, and they all sing his praises. Got any counterpoint to that fact?

    Next to Hillary Clinton, the Trump hating crowd’s yay hooray from 2016, Donald Trump is a choirboy, teaches Sunday school to under privileged children. She is corrupt to the bone. And so the Clinton Crime Family, now the Biden Crime Family, are very nasty people and, not only that, but they wear it on their sleeves – they know that Trump haters are so enveloped in their brainwash that they will continue to sing their praises even if they’re caught on camera killing puppies and kittens.

    The hatred of DJT has nothing to do with DJT, it’s to do with them, the hate filled left, who hate anyone who does not think like they do, as in anyone who is not deranged and demented. And the hatred of DJT is grounded in abject stupidity, and in communism itself.

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