4 thoughts on “Trump Responds to Biden’s Reelection Announcement

  1. Rob Arnold says:

    This man is as forthright and plain to understand as can be found.

    Biden says transgender people “shape our nation’s soul”. No, Jackass Joe, depraved filth who sexualize our children do not shape our nation’s soul. MAGA patriots do, with Donald J Trump at the forefront. Biden is a horrid little man, an enemy from within. Obama is probably angry with him for way, way outdoing him in terms of attempts to destroy America. Diabolical people with death and hatred their ways with the dumbest of the dumb falling for their slick veneer.

    Anyone over the IQ of 100 should see that the obvious choice next November is Donald Trump.

    1. joe mankowski says:

      The problem is, that Trump will lose to Biden once again if he is the parties choice after the primaries and by that time Biden will be drinking from a “sippy” cup with full onset dementia and still win. Trump cannot win because he’s too polarizing and lost the independents vote. Even Mitt Romney would do better against Biden.

  2. Desantis appeals to both sides. Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll make it past Trump at this point… Maybe if he finally announced and started campaigning… Trump’s following is just too big on the right and might be the downfall of the republican bid in 2024

  3. Biden:

    1. The vaccine is safe and effective
    2. The southern border is closed
    3. China isn’t going to eat our lunch
    4. Banning guns will solve the shootings issue
    5. Inflation is transitory
    6. Ukraine is winning the war
    7. I’m not a pedophile
    8. The Inflation Reduction Act will reduce inflation
    9. The biggest threat to America is extreme maga
    10. I know nothing about my son’s business dealings

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