SOLD OUT – Trump Launches his own line of Sneakers

Former President Donald Trump has launched his own line of sneakers called Trump Sneakers. These stylish kicks come in three different pairs:

  1. Never Surrender High Top Sneaker: These gold high-tops feature a prominent “T” on the outside of each shoe. They are priced at $399 and can be preordered online12.
  2. Red Laceless Athletic Shoes: These athletic shoes also bear the “T” logo and the number 45 on the sides. They are priced at $199.
  3. White Laceless Athletic Shoes: Similar to the red ones, these white laceless athletic shoes are also priced at $199.

Additionally, there’s a Victory47 perfume and cologne available for sale at $99 each on the same website.

BUY Trump Sneakers here:

1. The Golden Emblem: Never Surrender High Tops

2. Red Laceless Athletic Shoes: A Dash of Patriotism

3. White Laceless Athletic Shoes: Clean, Classic, Confident

4. The Victory47 Perfume and Cologne: Scent of Triumph

3 thoughts on “SOLD OUT – Trump Launches his own line of Sneakers

  1. Rob Arnold says:

    When Nike went down the rabbit hole of anti Americanism, which is all that jackass Kapernick was all about, nothing more, it was only a matter of time before someone would launch patriotic footwear. Here they are, and Trump themed = American patriotism.
    Nike sneakers belong on yard sale tables @ a buck or two a pair.
    These sneakers should be timeless classics.

    1. Looks like he be making REAL GOOD money on those shoes! $400.00 a pair and already sold out! This must be his way of getting his 350 Million bucks to pay for his court costs.


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