5 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin

  1. Name a US leader who could and would sit for 2 hours and discuss like that.
    You could choose to get to know the man by listening to him or you could stay in your own bubble of assumptions.
    You can walk away from the interview like it meant nothing or you could take it as a peek into what makes him and other Russians tick.
    Having followed him for a very long time, I take it as a final conciliatory gesture.
    He spoke softly on Ukraine all while they are dishing out pain to the Ukrainian army on levels not seen before.
    Americans with their brutish ways will only see weakness in how he spoke and continue on their same path of escalation.

    Hell is coming.

  2. Some impressions about the Putin/Carlson interview:

    • It seemed like there was a weird undercurrent/attitude/vibe from Tucker.

    • I’m glad Putin called out the CIA/U.S. “security state” (infiltrated Deep State) multiple times; they are IMO Patriotic America’s #1 problem, if not the World’s #1 problem (along with their “Five Eyes” partners/cohorts/affiliates.)

    • I’m glad Putin called out the duplicitousness/nefariousness of the West and NATO.

    • I wish the U.S. biolab problem in Ukraine as well as the rampant U.S. money laundering/corruption there would’ve been discussed.

    • I wish the problem of Western systemic Satanism, the deliberate corruption of morals and destruction of the family, the tran5gender agenda/picking your pronouns/43 genders B.S., etc. would’ve been discussed.

    • I’m glad Putin reiterated his goal of Denazification.

    • Tucker asking to have that CIA journalist released from prison heightened my suspicions that Tucker himself is now a CIA agent himself/got compromised at some point/was cloned & replaced

    • I’m glad they discussed the fact that Russia is a Christian nation.

    • I’m glad they concluded the interview after Putin talked about THE SOUL — Nice and important note to bring up and end on.

  3. Wow, I hope people realize how big of an event this was. It wasn’t just about an interview with Putin, it was about an interview that will be seen by millions and millions of people absent big media’s interference and control.

    And that is the real story. Bravo Mr. Tucker.

  4. There tends to be consequences for speaking too much truth. Just look what they did to Jesus. Being a hero isn’t without it’s risks.

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