Russian Investigative Committee Officially Reporting Connection between the Moscow Terrorists and Ukraine

Investigative Committee: Connection of Crocus Terrorists with Ukrainian Nationalists Confirmed

MOSCOW, March 28 – An investigation Committee has revealed evidence of links between the terrorists who attacked Crocus City Hall and Ukraine. This was also reported on Telegram.

“The initial results of the investigation fully confirm the planned nature of the terrorists’ actions, thorough preparation and financial support on the part of the organizers of the crime. As a result of working with the detained terrorists, studying the technical devices seized from them, analyzing information about financial transactions, evidence of their connection with Ukrainian nationalists was obtained,” the publication says.

In addition, the Investigative Committee has confirmed data that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack received a significant amount of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine.

Investigators identified and detained another suspect who participated in a terrorist financing scheme.

The Ukrainian Connection Confirmed

On Tuesday, the director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov said that, according to the ministry, Kiev was directly involved in the terrorist attack and that the preparation of the attack was facilitated by Western special services. They stated that behind the terrorist attack are United States, Britain and Ukraine. The director of the special services clarified that the department has seen who organized the attack and recruited the perpetrators. He explained that the terrorist attack was beneficial to Western intelligence services and Ukraine in order to destabilize the situation in the Russia and sow panic in their society. Bortnikov also pointed out that the militants wanted to flee to the territory of the neighboring country, where they were expected to be greeted “like heroes.”

MES published a new list of the dead, in which there are 143 names. A criminal case was opened under the article “Terrorist attack”. The perpetrators were detained in the early morning of March 23 in the Bryansk region. They turned out to be citizens of Tajikistan.

4 thoughts on “Russian Investigative Committee Officially Reporting Connection between the Moscow Terrorists and Ukraine

  1. Not good. War should be banned, period. To fight and die for somebody else’s disagreements is beyond stupid.

  2. Paying in crypto hides the perpetrators behind the deed by giving plausible deniability to them. The West has a history of using Islamists and Ukraine has a history of terror attacks in Russia. The comments of Ukrainian officials like Danilov didn’t help either, neither did Nuland’s or Milley’s comments about nasty surprises and nobody sleeping in Russia.

    It’s also amusing to hear that the same side which can’t figure out who did Nord stream knew Ukraine wasn’t involved within an hour of the attack. The first casualty in a war is the Truth.

  3. It could have been a couple of different groups, ISIS being one of them. That being said, it’d be silly to dismiss the idea of Ukraine (the country who’s been responsible for multiple terror attacks in Russia over the last 2+years) being behind it just because the US instantly came out stating otherwise.

    Again, I’d say the two most likely answers are either ISIS or Ukraine (w/support from Western powers or affiliated intelligence agencies). As you’ve stated, the argument for ISIS is clear, but that leaves a couple unanswered questions:

    Why were the terrorists seemingly fleeing to the Ukrainian border (a border potentially filled with far right Ukrainian soldiers who likely wouldn’t take kindly to random “brown” people trying to cross)? They allegedly traveled 400km towards the border and were only about 100km from it when captured.

    Based on the video evidence we’ve seen why did this group behave differently compared to other ISIS attacks? They fled instead of fighting to the death (or blowing themselves up). They did not appear to be “true believers” but rather Tajik mercenaries hired over Telegram.

    Why was the US so quick to come out and deny Ukraine’s involvement (correct me if wrong, but before the Russians even made a statement on who was responsible) before any allegations were made?

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