President Biden signs Executive Order “FOVA” making it illegal to Vote for Trump

President Biden has just signed an executive order that would make voting for his opponent, ex-president Donald Trump, illegal. The move has left political analysts scratching their heads and citizens wondering if they accidentally tuned into a satirical news channel.

President Biden defended the executive order, stating, ‘Sometimes you have to think outside the ballot box. I mean, who needs votes when you can have executive orders?’

The executive order, titled ‘Freedom from Opponent Votes Act’ (or FOVA, for short), claims to promote unity by sparing the nation from the divisive act of choosing between candidates. Instead, citizens are encouraged to participate in interpretative “dance-offs” to show their support for a candidate – instead of voting.

President Biden has stated more than once that “a dancing populace is better than a divided country.”

Trump responded with a bemused smile, saying, ‘”Look, we all love a nice dance from time to time, move your body on the dance floor, or in your home – some people like to dance in their homes – but voting is better than dancing at this point – we have to understand this or America is lost forever – people don’t want to dance in November they want to vote!’

Political satirists have been quick to applaud President Biden’s creativity, suggesting that other world leaders might follow suit and replace elections with talent shows or cooking competitions. The international community, however, remains largely puzzled, with some diplomats reportedly practicing their salsa moves just in case.

As the nation waits for the legal challenges to pour in, one thing is certain – President Biden is determined to go down in history as the leader who turned the political landscape into a massive dance floor.

One thought on “President Biden signs Executive Order “FOVA” making it illegal to Vote for Trump

  1. So instead of tap dancing around things as usual we’ll get to see the real thing. The hokey pokey shows your support for the big guy.

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