New York City Hotels are being Destroyed by Unvetted Migrants

A once-trendy Manhattan hotel has become a dirty, dangerous building, full of sex, drugs, and violence after the city began housing migrants there, an employee has claimed.

Mayor Adams knows that what he is trying to do is impossible: New York City does not have the resources to shelter an unlimited number of migrants for an unlimited amount of time. Yet the mayor keeps opening more inns to unvetted migrants. Unfortunately, it will take time for this situation to mature into a full-blown lesson for Mayor Adams and other Democrats.

It brings great joy watching the Democrats as they are methodically forced to –
(A) Admit that Trump was correct about the border problem or
(B) Take in more migrants!

Trump could say something like, “Fire burns people, it gets very hot” knowing that the Democrats will respond with, “Trump is a disconnected fascist nut; fire is not really hot.”

Then he sits back and watches them admit he was right or burn!

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