Music Video: Trump Won – and You Know It

Natasha Owens is an award-winning Christian music artist who’s performed with superstars from Michael W. Smith to Toby Keith. Her new album is called “American Patriot,” and the first single is “Stand For Life.” Check it out here:

With a little BONUS Tune from our Cuban brothers and sisters in Miami!!

2 thoughts on “Music Video: Trump Won – and You Know It

  1. Rob Arnold says:

    To question whether Donald Trump won that election is to question if rain is wet.

    Anyone insisting Biden actually won the White House is lying, which these horrid people, we call them liberal democrats, do about every damn thing.

    Hey, Mike Pence, sit your obtuse ass down and watch this video, several times. Bust out the popcorn. 🍿🍿

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