Trump Hating Darbie Doll

Introducing the all-new ultra realistic Darbie doll! She hates Trump with a passion!! Now your children can hate Trump from the comfort of their own rooms! They can set up little protests and start the revolution – right there in their own bedroom!

Complete with your choice of pink or purple-blue died hair, a passion for social justice and an unwavering commitment to equality, Lefty Darbie is the perfect role model for young girls everywhere. She’s not your typical Darbie, and that’s exactly what makes her so special.

The new Woke Darbie is all about body positivity and she is massive – she’s overweight – and proud of it – shake it girlfriend!! The new Woke Darbie is proud of her curves, and she wants every young girl to know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Woke Darbie comes with her own little black backpack, protest signsand she also comes with a tiny little Starbucks latte to sip on while she marches for equality!

But wait that’s not all – The Trump Hating Liberal Woke Darbie also has hundreds of tattoos and piercings available! (tattoos and piercings sold separately) The doll has a total of 143 piercings – awesome!

Body positive, tattooed, woke, Liberal, Trump hating Darbie – what’s not to love??

Recommended for ages 2-14 years of age.

#Diversity #Inclusion #SocialJustice #Equality #LiberalDarbieDoll

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