John Calhoun and the Rats of “Universe 25”

The “Universe 25” experiment is one of the most chilling scientific studies ever conducted, aiming to explore aspects of human societies through the behavior of a colony rats. The results and the implications were terrifying.

Universe 25 began in 1972 and ended in 1973.

In this experiment, a utopian environment was created for a population of rats. The enclosure was designed to provide abundant food, water, nesting materials, and ample space for social interactions among the rats.

Initially, the rat population flourished, experiencing rapid growth. However, as their numbers increased, social issues began to emerge. The rats became more aggressive, territorial, and antisocial.

Female rats displayed heightened aggression, withdrawal from social interactions, and a reduced interest in reproduction. This led to a decline in birth rates and an increase in mortality among younger rodents.

A new group of male rats, known as the “beautiful ones,” emerged during the experiment. These rats showed little interest in mating or defending territory; their primary concerns were food and rest.

Eventually, the “beautiful males” and socially isolated females became the predominant groups within the population.

As time passed, juvenile mortality rates reached 100%, and reproduction ceased entirely. Homosexual behavior was observed among the remaining rats, along with an increase in cannibalism, despite an abundance of available food.

John Calhoun replicated this experiment 25 more times, with consistent results each time.

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