Israel Under Attack – Declaration of War

Terrorists from Gaza invaded southern Israeli civilian cities – and they’re shooting whoever they see. This is unprecedented. Israel is under attack. Reports coming in indicate factions from throughout the Middle East are planning to mobilize. Israel to cut off electricity supply to Gaza.

The strength, sophistication and timing of the Saturday morning attack shocked Israelis. Hamas fighters used explosives to break through the border fence enclosing the long-blockaded Mediterranean territory, then crossed with motorcycles, pickup trucks, paragliders and speed boats on the coast.

Bodies of dead Israeli civilians and Hamas militants were seen on streets of Israeli towns. Associated Press photos showed an abducted elderly Israeli woman being brought back into Gaza on a golf cart by Hamas gunmen and another woman squeezed between two fighters on a motorcycle.

Images showed fighters parading captured Israeli military vehicles through Gaza streets.

“We are at war,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised address, declaring a mass army mobilization. “Not an ‘operation,’ not a ‘round,’ but at war.”

Hamas is claiming that they have moved the Israeli Military and CivilIan Hostages to the Tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip; this is likely an attempt to use them a “Shields” against Israeli Airstrikes which usually Target the Tunnels.

7 thoughts on “Israel Under Attack – Declaration of War

  1. 240 bodies of participants of the music festival near the Gaza border have been found. Among the deceased is the well-known Israeli footballer Lior Assulin.

  2. This is really bad. I’ve heard Hamas has fired over 900 missiles so far.

  3. There is going to be hell to pay for this..

    Salt the Earth hell….

    They done fucked up good this time..

    This is real doom!

  4. Israel should remember Khyber war before any escalation.
    Palestine 🇵🇸 need Peace.

  5. Security Alert: 8239; U.S. Embassy Jerusalem (October 7, 2023)

    Location: Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza

    The U.S. Embassy continues to closely monitor the security situation in the Gaza periphery (the areas of Israel near Gaza) and in Gaza. Since this morning, thousands of rockets have been fired from Gaza across southern and central Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and Hamas militants infiltrated Israeli areas near Gaza, killing and wounding civilians and Israeli security forces and taking hostages. Israeli security forces have begun a military operation in the Gaza periphery and Gaza. The security situation remains dynamic. The crossings between Israel and Gaza are closed until further notice.

    Ben Gurion Airport remains open, but the security situation and staff availability could affect flights. Please check with the airlines on the availability of flights and flight status.

    U.S. citizens are reminded to remain vigilant and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness as security incidents, including mortar and rocket fire, often take place without warning. U.S. citizens in Gaza who wish to leave and can do so safely are advised to check the status of the Rafah Crossing into Egypt.

    U.S. Embassy personnel are still currently sheltering in place. U.S. government personnel continue to be prohibited from travel to Gaza and areas within seven (7) miles of Gaza.

    U.S. citizens can find additional information regarding steps to take in case of mortar and rocket fire in the Country Information for Israel, the West Bank and Gaza ( [link to (secure)]

    U.S. citizens should take this into consideration when planning their own activities.

    The Embassy will continue to review the security situation and will provide additional information as needed.


    U.S. Embassy Jerusalem
    14 David Flusser St.
    Telephone: +972-3-519-7575

    Website:  [link to (secure)]

    U.S. Embassy Branch Office Tel Aviv
    71 HaYarkon St.
    Tel Aviv
    Telephone: +972-3-519-7575
    Website:  [link to (secure)]

    State Department – Consular Affairs
    888-407-4747or 202-501-4444
    Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Country Information
    Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Travel Advisory&#8239

  6. Hamas allegedly has terror cells in the United States after entering the country via the southern border, creating a fear of terrorist attacks in big cities.

    These terrorist attacks could occur in major cities in America.

    Apparently, the Palestinian terrorists can come across the Mexican border, aided by the U.S. government, for the sole purpose of killing Americans.

    Palestinians want to kill Americans because of their support for Israel.

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