Is Donald Trump a Racist or are the Democrats Lying?

I think it’s fair to say that if you were given a penny every time you heard a Democrat cry “Trump is a racist” you would be out shopping for a mansion and a new Ferrari!

So, do we simply believe CNN and the Democrats or do we take a a look at what the actual evidence shows? Well, it appears that the evidence shows the Democrats have been fibbing again.

They might have Donald Trump confused with Senator Robert Byrd (D) – who was a senior high ranking member of the KKK.

Now, lets look at some evidence that may give us some insight into how Donald Trump actually feels about African Americans.

For starters – many people don’t know that the family of Martin Luther King Jr. are avid supporters of President Trump.

Trump plays tennis with Serena Williams – longtime friend of Donald Trump.

Above is General Charles Brown. Just one of many African Americans nominated by Trump.

Charles Q Brown Jr was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as the chief of staff of the United States Air force. His nomination was confirmed by the senate, and he assumed the position on August 6th 2020. With this confirmation he became the first African-American to lead a branch of the United States armed forces.

In 2018 President Trump signed the historic FIRST STEP ACT into law.

  • 90 percent of those who have had their sentences reduced are Black Americans.
  • FIRST STEP ACT shortens mandatory minimum sentence for nonviolent drug crimes.
  • The law allows offenders sentenced under racially motivated mandatory minimums to petition for revaluation
  • President Trump launched the “Ready to Work” Initiative, which helps released prisoners gain meaningful employment.
  • President Trump has proposed the Second Step Act to partner with corporate America to create opportunities for former prisoners to rejoin society.

President Trump issued several pardons during his time in office, and among them was the posthumous pardon of Jack Johnson, the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion. Jack Johnson was convicted in 1913 for violating the Mann Act, a law that targeted the transportation of women across state lines for “immoral purposes.” Many viewed Johnson’s conviction as racially motivated, and there were longstanding calls for a pardon.

On May 24, 2018, President Trump signed a posthumous pardon for Jack Johnson, recognizing the injustice of his conviction. This move was widely seen as a positive step by some in acknowledging a historical injustice against a prominent black figure in sports and civil rights.

President Trump appointed several African American judges during his tenure, including a significant number to federal courts. Pictured above is Trump nominated Stepanie Dawkins Davis of Flint Michigan a former prosecutor for 18 years who was appointed by President Trump to sit on the US District Court for the eastern district of Michigan. She is the first African American woman from Michigan, and the second African American woman in history, to serve on the Sixth Circuit. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has appellate jurisdiction over the federal district courts in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. 

This is Kara Young, an African American model who dated Donald Trump in 1990’s.

4 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump a Racist or are the Democrats Lying?

  1. Anyone that thinks that Trump is racist is obviously watching CNN too much and has an addiction to “hate”. Some people need to hate and don’t want that to go away.

  2. When a word is hurled around at the drop of a hat it loses its original meaning.
    Trump could say he likes marsh mellows, or white fluffy clouds, and the word racist will fly out of the mouths of libs. Ridiculous people.

    They say it’s – Make America White Again. When asked why they say that it’s – Trump is a racist. When asked for an example they say, uh huh, Trump is a racist.

    Democrats fought to keep their slaves, founded and funded the KKK, and the liberal Democrats of today are the same damn thing. They hide it now behind broad smiles, government handouts and hollow sentiment.

    Donald Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, as illustrated perfectly in this article.

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