H5N2 Virus FOR SALE in a Catalog

It turns out you can find the “never seen before” H5N2 virus FOR SALE in a catalog.
Yes, you read that right. BEI Resources, funded by the NIAID, is selling it. But that’s just the beginning. The Ex-CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield warns, “The recipe for making bird flu highly infectious to humans is already out there.”

He explains, “I can create this [bird flu] virus literally in weeks to months by using gain of function research. I know exactly what amino acids I have to change, because in 2012, against my recommendation, the scientists that did these experiments actually published them … All you have to do is look it up.”

It gets worse. The US government just shelled out a staggering $176 million to Moderna for a bird flu “vaccine.”

Nobody drops that kind of cash without a plan to use it.

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