Florida to Officially Classify mRNA COVID Shots as Illegal ‘Bio-Weapons’

The Brevard Republican Executive Committee has urged Governor Ron DeSantis to prohibit the use of the COVID-19 vaccine. In a resolution passed this week, the committee referred to the vaccine as a “biological weapon.”

The Brevard draft resolution states that there is “strong and credible evidence” that both COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines are biological and technological weapons. The resolution, which is nonbinding, received a supermajority vote from the committee membership on Thursday. It will now be sent to Governor DeSantis, Brevard County’s legislative delegation, and state party leaders. Similar motions of support have been expressed by committees in over half a dozen other counties.

The Brevard draft resolution reiterates the claim that there is strong evidence suggesting that the COVID-19 vaccine has caused a significant number of deaths and permanent disabilities. It further accuses government agencies, media, tech companies, and other corporations of perpetrating massive fraud by asserting the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

The resolution calls for Governor DeSantis to ban the sale and distribution of the vaccine, as well as all related vaccines. It also urges Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to seize all remaining doses within the state for safety testing, in the interest of preserving the human race. Additionally, the resolution demands mandatory disclosures for any product in Florida that utilizes mRNA or gene-altering or therapeutic technology.

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