Dutch Intelligence Warns of Russian Sabotage against its key Maritime, Energy Facilities

Russia is looking to target vital Dutch maritime and energy infrastructure in the North Sea, the country’s military intelligence warned Feb. 20.

In a report, De Militaire Inlichtingen-en Veiligheidsdienst, or MIVD, said Russia was undertaking acts of disruption, sabotage, and espionage against key Dutch maritime facilities such as natural gas pipelines, wind farms, and internet cables.

“Russia is secretly mapping this infrastructure covertly and undertaking activities that indicate espionage and preparatory acts of disruption and sabotage,” the report said. “Such a physical threat toward other vital sectors, such as drinking water and energy supply, is also conceivable… .”

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, European energy infrastructure has been on high alert, with energy security emerging as a key priority for the region.

Security around such facilities has tightened after a suspected sabotage attack on the Nord Stream pipelines in September.

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