A Letter to America

It was Inauguration Day, January, 2017, and a newly elected American President took to the dais to speak to an enormous audience, crowds as far as the eye can see, the whole world watching, and gave a speech directly to them, to the people, to the people of the United States.  His inaugural address, untraditional, bold and eager, was greeted with thunderous applause, and that brand new US President, Donald John Trump, proceeded to do what he considered what must be done in order to make his country great again. What was not known, then, was that those who hated him, just for being him, were sharpening their knives.  They hated this man, to their cores, Donald Trump, one of the most successful and highly visible businessmen in all the world, with his towering structures all over New York, in countries far and wide, world class golf clubs, amazing resorts, hotels. Donald Trump is a man who’d met with all manner of the most famous, who’d shook hands with President Ronald Reagan, a proud American. They hated him for all of it.  The democrats in the halls of power would not work with this president, for the country, together, to do the work of the people, at all, but instead, would viciously attack in ways no one could have ever imagined.

The bellwether we can see from that Inauguration Day was that a top ten US newspaper, the Washington Post, did not herald a presidential win, but instead flashed a frontpage headline stating – The Campaign To Impeach President Trump Has Begun. In other words, the voters were of zero importance, only impeachment, on Inauguration Day. Impeachment, of an American President, who had done nothing as such, had not yet even gotten started, was immediately underway.  Such an anomaly, with total disregard for the profound importance of what the impeachment process is actually for, is, for any intellectually honest and caring American, grotesquely appalling, and, indeed, frightening.  

The first thing undertaken was the Mueller Investigation. The notion of Russian collusion was blared from front covers of all major newspapers, on a continuum.  Two full years of constant digging for anything that could possibly be found, day in and day out, a full-on examination of the life of Donald John Trump.  It was fully known that there had been no Russian collusion, actually, there was not a shred of evidence to even suggest it, on the part of the Trump campaign.  The Mueller Investigation was a partisan inquisition, nothing more, an attack, a hatchet job, and it produced, after two years and tens of millions of dollars of US taxpayer’s money spent, exactly nothing.  Robert Mueller went before Congress, and the world, totally out of sorts, without one thing for Trump haters to hang their hats on, nothing, while dithering and all but incomprehensible. Right there, all credibility on the part of those who were seeking to destroy a duly elected American President, for no other reason but that they don’t like him, was shot right out, a total bust.  Not only that, but the Steele Dossier is Exhibit A that there was, in fact, Russian collusion, between Russians and the Hillary Clinton campaign.  This fact was covered up instantly. 

With nothing to go on, the democrats, with tacit approval from a handful of lifelong establishment, business-as usual, republicans, had to make something else up. They went with the Ukrainian phone call hoax. The transcript of that phone call exchange shows nothing even close to impeachable. In a nutshell, the 45th US President inquired about that which Joe Biden actually did, as Vice President, with President Obama’s blessings, and is on video bragging about having done. Joe Biden refused $1,000,000,000 in US aid to Ukraine unless the man investigating the dealings of Hunter Biden were fired.  They fired that man. Joe Biden smirked ear to ear when bragging about it, on video, for the whole world to see. The sitting US President is slammed with impeachment, for mentioning it. Joe Biden boasting about what he had done, which Donald Trump was preposterously impeached for not having done, was covered up, too – most Americans never saw it.

The impeachment, of course, went nowhere. It was known all the while that it would fail. There was no evidence of any wrongdoing, at all, let alone high crimes and misdemeanors. How could any intellectually honest American citizen not be appalled at the brazen bastardization of our impeachment process? Our country is so much better than that, or surely, always had been, and must be again now. Full exoneration, failed impeachment, was the only possible outcome.  

President Donald John Trump said loudly on January 6, 2021, to go be heard peacefully and patriotically.  Media outlets refuse to air those words in their videos of Trump’s speech that day, despicable.  The Jan 6 committee has been caught, that’s caught, suppressing evidence that the president specifically authorized, and encouraged, the arrival of 20,000 National Guard to protect the capitol.  The second impeachment of the 45th US President was predicated on him leading an insurrection, which very clearly was not the case, so, yet another attack on our impeachment process. That such an extraordinarily important, genuine check and balance on American executive power, would be so wild eyed abused by such horrid actors, is malevolent, diabolical, sheer evil even.  Two impeachments, both meaningless, both born out of obvious corruption right down to the bone.

It is an indisputable fact that DC Police held the doors wide open, waving people into the Capitol Dome, on that day, then turned around and arrested them for entering.  Calling January 6th, 2021 an insurrection is in the exact same mold as all other legal piracy and treachery, all criminal tactics used, leading up to that day.  None of what those who vehemently attack President Donald Trump use is above board, none of it is legitimate in any sense of the word, and that second impeachment was as obviously invalid as the first one.  These people demonstrably engage in subterfuge against our very country, by way of these things, enemies within, domestic enemies of America, and their irrational disdain for President Trump could readily be directed at any one of us, we, the people.  These are villains, they are a danger, and that is just simply, and clearly, so.  

The raid of Mar-A-Largo was a disgraceful act.  The FBI has been caught, that’s caught, planting evidence. There is nothing criminal in what Donald Trump did relating to documentation, while it was, in fact, criminal to plant evidence, case dismissed.  It is outlandish that the FBI chased everyone out of the estate, disabled cameras, and held the raid up as “no one is above the law”.  This was a common refrain from anti Trump gang members, used loudly, as they violate law and constitution.  Hillary Clinton and two cohorts smashed cell phones and tablets to pieces, inserted a bleach bit to delete well over 30,000 email documents that were under subpoena, under subpoena, then, that democrat went before the cameras and said “no one is above the law”. No one is to ignore that, no one is. First Lady for eight years, US Senator, United States Secretary of State, a most prominent democrat of all time, unlawfully deleted tens of thousands of emails under subpoena, then said, with a straight face, that no one is above the law. 

Joe Biden had documents laying around all over the place, and he gets a free pass because he is just too old to remember.  One might wonder if he remembers much of anything about much of anything, given that, then, including that which pertains to nuclear codes.  Joe Biden is as much the quintessential example of a dirty politician as he is cognitively deteriorating, he is antithetical to sound Americanism, or American leadership, is causing massive damage, and everyone, yes, everyone, sees and knows it.  He skates, while Donald Trump is attacked over and over again with criminal tactics, tactics like that out of a dimestore book on despotism. 

No one is above the law, they said over and over again, while brazenly circumventing it at every turn. Jack Smith has been caught, that’s caught, tampering with evidence.  This man belongs in jail, as do the FBI agents who planted evidence at Trump’s palatial estate, as does Liz Cheney for suppressing evidence with knowingly phony allegations of insurrection.  

Throughout 2020 dozens of churches were lit on fire, many burned to the ground, churches lit on fire, federal buildings, national monuments defaced and toppled all over our country, mass looting, violent rioting, and such people were apparently just that, above the law, dubbed “mostly peaceful protesters”.  They killed many.  They stormed the American White House, leapt over the barricades and made it clear to the front porch, banging hard on the doors, screaming and howling, on June 4, 2020.  Dozens of defenders of the White House were injured that week, seven of them seriously, at the hands of those mostly peaceful protesters.  Saint John’s the Episcopal, lit on fire, directly across the street from the White House – the fire was set in the children’s center. 

A police line forms by St. John’s Episcopal Church as demonstrators gather to protest the death of George Floyd, Saturday, May 30, 2020, near the White House in Washington. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

That all of this goes totally ignored removes any shred of credibility about the lie of insurrection on Jan 6.  And so, too, does the fact that a man who is personal friends with a democrat president set off a bomb in the capitol dome, detonated a bomb, say again, a bomb, inside that building, and no Obama fan, or Trump hater, cared one bit about Bill Ayers having done such a violent thing in that building. The disingenuousness and hypocrisy of these people, across the board, on all things, is blinding and glaring, the dissimulation creepy, with falsity and irreverence openly worn on the sleeves.  Their sanctimony is transparent, as they engage in deceit, obfuscation, trickery, lies, and more lies. And then they do worse.  Jan 6, indeed. 

The 45th US President has been convicted of felony charges, which, in all reality, was one charge, split into many, for the optics to trick the least attentive, and to further embolden the most wicked, among us.  The charge itself is as farcical as the addons.  These people just keep digging their hole deeper, their hole of inanity, of injustice, recklessness, decrepitness, with universal deceit folding in on them like a cheap tent.  Other than jail time for blatant criminality, the only retribution needed is that of a second term of a president, non consecutive, who has only one wish in life, that being, very obviously, to make America great.  The only way that this country can again stand strong is if that man gets his wish, and the tens and tens of millions of Americans, a number growing more with each passing week, with each passing gamon, hoax, scam, ploy, get their wish of a repeat performance.  

Perhaps, if these people would like to quadruple, double dog, quadruple down, they should arrange for a public display with Robert De Nero and Kathy Griffin as their hosts.  They can make sure that the usual suspects are all there.  The ongoing ghoulish presentation of those who hate this man, Trump, can get in its last gasp.  Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris and Valerie Jarret can sit front row, maybe let out some cackles and snorts, Harris seems to enjoy doing those and can egg the others on.  Harry Reid could get in on the fun, maybe Dick Durbin, Shcumer can sit there smiling to himself, while Swalwell and Schiff can backchannel to Xi Ping.  They can have way more people onsite, get the whole ghastly chorus. 

Or they can get serious, take a real stand on all of it, have men like Hank Sheinkopf, Dennis Kuchinich, Joe Manchin, Robert F Kennedy, and any of his family still worth a damn, Tulsi Gabbard, and any democrat women of her ilk.  Bill Bradely could possibly have something to say, maybe even Al Gore can step up and show some leadership for a change. Get good, decent democrats, who have served, and wish to serve the public, to step up. If such men and women can stand in the public arena and defend any of all of this, and defend Joe Biden for reelection, make salient, cogent arguments and meaningful contributions and dialogue, then let them do it.  If they cannot, and they cannot, then to a person, they should publicly denounce every bit of this, vigorously, hope to take their party back, and announce their support for the reelection of President Donald John Trump. 

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