221 MILLION People Watched Trump/Tucker Interview on Debate Night

Trump/Tucker views pass 221 million – Democrats are in a panic!! How many watched the Republican debate on TV? Only 23.9 million watched on Fox!! I think it’s safe to say that Trump won the debate! More people have viewed Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson than voted in the 2020 election!

2 thoughts on “221 MILLION People Watched Trump/Tucker Interview on Debate Night

  1. Rob Arnold says:

    Excellent interview.
    This man says more in ten minutes than the imposter of a president, this Biden guy, has said since stealing the election. Succinct, cogent, mental agility on high, effective, just plain great.

    Stuffed shirts on stage with their dog and pony show on TV, with FNN hacks, were bound to get fewer viewers than a one on one interview with a man who is arguably the best US President of our lifetime. But for the interview to so dwarf the debate is an amazing phenomenon. WOW.

  2. Trump is OBVUIOUSLY more popular than ANY other political candidate in our lifetime!!

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