Fauci Declares: “People Should not be Walking Around with Masks”

Fauci claims that he has reversed his position on this matter and Youtube has removed most of the videos of him saying “People Should not be Walking Around with Masks”. But how can a seasoned physician reverse his position on something as basic as a face mask? It’s like reversing your position on the “scalpel” or “surgical gown”, these are basic items with well defined purposes – in fact the effectiveness and usage of these items are one of the first things you learn in medical school and the function of these items has not changed in decades.

It is very concerning to me that a doctor with the experience of Dr. Fauci does not know, or is unsure of what surgical masks do. It’s like a professional mechanic not knowing what a wrench does.

One must also take note that many of the masks being worn are made of
T-shirt material – especially the cloth masks with patterns on them – they provide NO protection whatsoever! They do however raise your blood CO2 levels to alarming rates.

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