American Sports have Surrendered to the Marxist

Written by Coco-Nutz

The last couple of months have been comparable to a real life episode of “The Twilight Zone” at least for me it has been. We have a Health crisis that has been hijacked politically and I’ll let you guess which party is responsible for that and that same party has encouraged and supported every criminal Thug that can crawl out from under a rock to perform some of the most violent and vicious crimes imaginable to mankind – looting burning vandalizing, assaulting and executing innocent American citizens – all this over a man ( a felon) trying to pass a fake $20 bill – this man’s name is George Floyd. Surely he would have been eaten by the streets and would have wound up in an early grave at some point – the statistics show that he was lucky to have made it to adulthood. So now we find ourselves at this point – Two months of rioting – millions of Americans including myself know that this has nothing to do with Mr. Floyd and that there is a much bigger and cynical picture – you see Donald Trump was never meant to be the President and now the Democrats who are led by radical Marxist are doing the one and only thing that comes to them naturally – the destruction of a civil society and like many others. This has been a depressing and stressful time for me so I decided to watch an opening day baseball game to escape the craziness for a while. I have been a huge fan since 1974 and wanted to see first hand if they were going to use cardboard cutouts of fans but after maybe one inning – it started. They started to proclaim what is now very common – White people are bad and the USA is bad. With great jubilance the announcers showed video of the players taking a knee before the game started – I couldn’t help myself but to think of this scene in the movie “300” when one of the tribal leaders approached the enemy and demanded they kneel and surrender and then they would be shown mercy – well if you saw the movie then you know – they didn’t kneel. Major League Baseball decided to kneel – I know the other sports have surrendered as well – They have surrendered to the Marxist mob. I am done watching sports.

I am asking all professional athletes – what has that red, white and blue flag done to you – besides make you wealthy?

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