Watch Fauci Squirm while Defending the Rioters

Representative Jim Jordan questions Dr. Fauci into a corner – watch him squirm! Fauci is basically saying it’s OK to arrest business owners in the name of Covid enforcement, but rioting and protesting should be allowed and should not be limited or stopped by authorities. It seems like Fauci supports rioters, looters and protesters who seem to be immune to Covid-19 – Oh and I almost forgot the homeless – who are also immune and should not be “forced” to wear masks. Business owners and employees, on the other hand, are like carriers of the plague. Many business owners have been arrested for simply trying to feed their families.


  1. What a shill for the left. This guy is light in the ass, has given his opinions, as a public health official, on numerous occasions as it relates to crowds, and the spread of Wuhan Virus, but he could not give a straight answer here.

    If he had, Soros and company would have given a real hard yank of his leash.

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