Video: NYC – Patriotic Woman Paints Over Yellow Black Lives Matter Graffiti

This MUST SEE video would make our Founding Fathers EXTREMELY proud!! This heroic African American woman took the steps that ALL Americans should be taking right NOW – she is fighting Communism and spreading truth – She is an AMAZING example of a Patriotic American – I am so proud of her – it’s is beyond words! She is possessed by the Spirit of Liberty EXACTLY the same spirit that possessed the souls of our Founding Fathers!! When she screamed out “Take your country back, take back the USA – take it back!!” I found myself shedding tears of joy and pride knowing that our Founding Fathers were guiding her. MUST SEE!


  1. The people who put the yellow painted “BLM” should have been stopped in the same way that the police stopped her.

  2. Truly a great patriot, filled with the essence of the spirit of what liberty and freedom really mean. A genuine messenger.

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