Video: Democrat Mayor has DESTROYED New York City

You can file this under: “Won’t be seeing this on CNN”
One person out of thousands may die from this “pandemic” and it’s mostly people 78 years of age or older – so of coarse the answer is to DESTROY the entire city of New York and to destroy the lives of every citizen! Gee, now who would want to do something like that? Destroy an American city? Hmm? Mayor Warren Wilhelm De Blasio did help paint the yellow BLM graffiti in front of the Trump Tower and he has dispatched a small army of those terrible (de-funded) police to guard the yellow graffiti and it is also worth noting that every time an individual attempts to remove the graffiti he/she is arrested and then the mayor makes sure that the yellow graffiti is repaired – What a great mayor!!

Businesses have been DESTROYED and people are fleeing New York city by the thousands – no one wants to be there – all because of you Mr. Mayor!! The damage that the this mayor has done – all in the name of Trump Hatred” is beyond comprehension – Trillions of dollars – the suicide rate is at an all time highbusinesses are going bankrupt in record numbers, families are being destroyed – the murder rates have SKYROCKETED – one of the greatest cities in the History of the United States has been brought to it’s knees by the policies of one man – unreal.

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