Video: ANTIFA thug gets nice Hot Bowl of Karma – Goes back for Extra Servings

Here we see a tough ANTIFA terrorist take his shirt off and aggressively approach police officers while threatening violence. He had been told to leave the area many times – He refused and decided that it might be a better idea to fight the 56 police officers standing there in full riot gear. To say that the police demonstrated extreme restraint would be an understatement.

What they spray him with can only be described as a spicy hot McPepper Spray Sandwich™ with cheesebiggie sized of coarse!! He is SO happy with the taste that he returns for a second serving and then he goes back in for the McPepperball Puffs™ making it his third and final serving. He gets fast service too. Next time can you please leave a little mace juice for the next guy?

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