Victor Cazares, 27 – Killed by BLM Looters

Victor Cazares, 27, of Cicero was shot and killed and another person was the victim of a graze wound in an incident that occurred at approximately 6 p.m. Monday at 4917 W. 14th St. by the Super Espiga Grocery store. Deputy Superintendent Luis Gutierrez said that the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Cicero police arrested 60 individuals during the violence. Gutierrez confirmed that 24 individuals were arrested for burglary or theft, 27 for other various crimes, six for unlawful use of a weapon and the three for investigation in relation to the homicide.

“A lot of the problems that occurred were from groups of citizens who were encountering groups of protesters, citizens who were trying to protect their neighborhoods and protesters,” Gutierrez said. “There were a lot of actions which resulted in a lot of fights and resulted in two of the shootings that we had. That’s why we are asking all citizens to stay in their houses so we do not have these clashes.”

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