Type “ANTIFA.com” and it goes directly to Joe Biden’s Website!!

It is true the antifa.com domain redirects to JoeBiden.com and it is unknown exactly who owns the domain. The Biden campaign denies any association with the antifa.com website – you would think they would sue to have it stopped, right? Nope – it’s still up! So what does that mean? Well anyone can redirect website and make it go to Joe Biden’s website – or any website for that matter. It’s not hard to do at all.

Imagine the reaction from the left and CNN if the official KKK website redirected to Donald Trump’s website? Would the left be so quick to declare Trump innocent? What if it had happened 10 years ago – would it matter? Could the Trump camp simply say “it is a simple domain redirect that can be done by anyone” No, none of that would be so easily explained away if it were Donald Trump. It is well known that President Trump has denounced the KKK many times. It may also be worth noting that Prsident Trump has given more money to Historically Black Colleges and Universities  than any other President – including Obama. That is who President Trump is – he has a strong desire to help black people and that is exactly what his actions have shown and his actions have spoken louder than the words spewed from the Left.

Joe Biden has never denounced ANTIFA. We know that Biden’s staff has donated to a group that pays the bail for the rioters. Is Joe’s mental deterioration responsible for this particular gaffe? No, probably not, but every single one of those ANTIFA members share the same common desire with Joe Biden – defeat President Trump by any means necessary.

While most Democrats try to distance themselves from the actual violence committed by ANTIFA by simply saying that they do no support violence – it is worth noting that on every other issue they see eye to eye. Democrats and ANTIFA beliefs are identical – sans the violence, of coarse.

Since November 2016, long before Steve Scalise was shot by a Leftist operative the democrats have voiced their desire to destroy the evil orange monster Donald Trump but the elite mouthpieces (think Bill Maher, Maxine Waters, AOC, etc.) can only speak words and give speeches promoting “resistance” and others may create minor mischief (think Jussie Smollet) but it is only words – That’s where ANTIFA and BLM come in – They are the ones that carry out the real violence and the real destruction – They apply the force and aggression that is required to achieve the desires of the DNC.

The DNC is the ringleader –
We know that BLM donations go directly to ActBlue who then donates the money to Democrat party affiliates. This info is reported on their website https://secure.actblue.com/content/fineprinthttps://opensecrets.org/pacs/expenditures.php?cmte=C00401224&cycle=2020

ActBlue is a nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables left-leaning nonprofits, Democrats, and progressive groups to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software.

The Biden camp may not be responsible for the ANTIFA domain going to Joe Biden’s official website but their connection to ANTIFA/BLM militants cannot be denied and just like every other shady activity involving Democrats they believe that they can distance themselves by simply saying a few hollow words or a few meaningless sentences while all the facts and evidence link them directly to the thing that they are denying!! You have to chase the truth when dealing with a Democrat – they make you run after the truth until you are too tired to keep chasing it.

I can tell you what we DO know.

Joe Biden has failed to denounce the violence. He may have reluctantly said something recently – but months went by and more than 25 people were murdered by ANTIFA/BLM before he mentioned a word.

Biden team regularly donates to ANTIFA Bail fund. Funds that are established to get terrorist out of jail so that they can continue to destroy and burn American businesses.

All BLM donations go directly to fund Democrat political causes and none of it goes to “Black Lives”!! Then they wonder why the Ghetto never gets any better even after they are promised that they will get “Change” – The Democrats keep the dollars and the change!!!

Democrats have said that the destruction, murder and violence is either fake news or exaggerated. Jerry Nadler you are wrong – the chaos is real.

Democrat leaders have called for violence, murder and intimidation on many occasions. Hollywood “elites” have called for violence on many occasions

BLM and ANTIFA are nothing more than the Militant wings of the DNC and Joe Biden wants to be the leader of the sinister, destructive anti-American clan.

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