ANTIFA / BLM / Leftist are starting Fires in Oregon, California and Washington

The fires will be blamed on “global warming” but they are actually being started by members of the Terrorist group ANTIFA / BLM. They are being caught in large numbers and CNN won’t be telling you anything about it.

Anita Esquivel is a California woman who is accused of setting arson fires along Highway 101 near Salinas, California. She is one of several people on the west coast to be charged recently with setting arson fires as states battle major wildfires.

“Snopes” the “fact checking” website states that claims of ANTIFA starting fires is “False” – I wonder how they would explain the video proof showing that fires are being started by domestic terrorist? Remember NEVER believe your lying eyes!!

If you do a Google search for “ANTIFA lighting fires” you will find the beautifully filtered results will be completely scrubbed of any information that attempts to expose the terrorist groups destruction.

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