Here Come the Patriots – and they are kickin’ Ass

OK ANTIFA – it’s time to give you something to cry about!!! These Patriots are fighting to take back our country. Hats off to them. Enjoy………

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  1. How do you like me now???!!!

    These men and women are true patriots. TRUE PATRIOTS. This is no different from what our founders did against the Brits. Same damn thing.

    We need more of this, militias STEP UP NOW if they do not STAND DOWN.

    No, we will not allow this. No, we will not lay down. No, we will not stand by for evil filth to burn down our churches, tear down our statutes and monuments, burn down our homes, burn down our businesses.

    I would say that this exhibit is just what the magnificent Trump wants to have happen, protection of the innocent, and if blue state governors and blue city mayors continue with their knees on our necks this will multiply.

    They are no match for patriotic Americans.

  2. I have a distaste for taking it to the streets.

    I also have a distaste for Brussels Sprouts, I eat them from time to time because they are good for me.

    Time for the militias to step up HARD, more of the same of what we see in this video clip. GO AT IT. Stomp the anarchists, protect the women and children, the store owners, the home owners, Western Civilization itself.

  3. Democrats, You have put yourselves against more than just Republicans. You might be turned off by Trump. However you have also put yourselves against:

    Free Market Trade
    Family values
    Marriage (and definitely marriage BEFORE children)
    Allowing children the right to be born
    Allowing free speech
    Honoring your flag and Country

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