Do a Google Search for “CNN Lies” and the Results are ALL Anti-Trump

At this point, the censorship has reached Gestapo level – Twitter is acting like a publisher while enjoying the legal freedom of being just a platform. ANTIFA and BLM routinely use Facebook and Twitter to organize destructive violent campaign. They will censor anything that seems to damage the Democrat party yet nearly every segment throughout the day (everyday) for nearly four years will include something negative and/or fabricated about President Trump.

During the past six years, since Jeff Zucker took over [as president], CNN has gotten every major national story exactly wrong.

And in every one of those cases CNN got it deliberately wrong because the liberal network is nothing less than a hysterical propaganda outlet, an endless source for hate, violence and lies and thus has crashed and burned in every possible metric — including integrity, decency, honesty and humanity. And they are SELLING the lies to you – you PAY for it!!!

This is a well organized coup.

CNN – GOOGLE – TWITTER – MSNBC need to be sued and/or charged criminally where applicable – THIS IS ELECTION INTERFERENCE – Licenses need to be revoked – this needs to be dealt with NOW.

Try it – Here is a link to a Google Search for “CNN Lies”

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