Goodyear Tire Co. Declares Zero Tolerance for Police and Trump Supporters

Goodyear tire company has declared a “zero tolerance” policy for anyone who supports All Lives, Law Enforcement or President Trump.

How do they not know that the suppression of political opinion is something an enemy would do to us – not an American company. They are stating VERY clearly that it is OK to have a racial preference and to set official policy accordingly – much like the KKK and the Third Reich.

Goodyear, what you are doing is the definition of “racist” – You are judging and segregating based on skin color and displaying a preference for one race while setting limitations or hardship upon the race. Hey Goodyear, humans come in many different races and many different shades!


Please join the growing BOYCOTT of Goodyear Tires
and it’s NOT because they are black!!!!

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  1. The Goodyear Blimp ought not go back up into the sky, ever again.

    A rich man, who is an American patriot, might just buy a bigger blimp, name it The Trump Mobile, and fly it above the maggot’s blimp, with the tagline…
    Donald Trump, topping the violent and traitorous leftists 24/7/365.

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