Pro-Trump Flotilla in Florida Broke a World Record!

Supporters of President Donald Trump took to their boats, kayaks, and jet skis on Saturday to break a world record.

The rally, which was held in Clearwater, Florida, aimed to break the Guinness World Record for the largest boat parade. The current record-holder is from a 2014 boat parade that took place in Malaysia.

The potentially record-breaking flotilla in Florida was organized by the coffee shop Conservative Grounds.

The organization called it the “MOAB,” or “Mother of all Boat Parades,” and claimed that 1,600 boats registered for the event.

If every registered boat participated, this would beat the 1,180 boats needed to break the record. According to Gehart, supporters traveled from across Florida and from neighboring states to participate.

Video Below: From the air it’s a pretty impressive show of support!!

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