Democrats are coming for your GUNS!! HR 127

A man and a boy out hunting with shotguns, circa 1955.

Full registration and database

Database information is open to anyone including all members of the public. You’re basically a sex offender.

Age 21+ to posses firearms

General license requiring psych eval and 24hrs training. Good for 3 years. 8hr training to renew

Military style gun license requiring another psych eval and another 24hrs training. Good for 2 years.

Required insurance at $800 a year

Cant loan or give guns or ammo without notifying the Attorney General

Bans 50 cal and larger ammunition

Bans mag capacity of 11 or more (except rimfire tubes)

Oh so infallible police exempt from said bans.

MASSIVE (and I mean MASSIVE) fines and prison time for violation ($30-50k and or 15 years federal imprisonment)

Even the old Flintlock above the fireplace is not exempt!!!

ANTIQUE FIREARM DISPLAY LICENSE.—The Attorney General shall issue to an individual a license to display an antique firearm in a residence of the individual if the individual—

“(i) is the holder of a license issued under subparagraph (A);

“(ii) supplies proof that the individual owns an antique firearm;

“(iii) describes the manner in which the firearm will be displayed in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Attorney General, and certifies that the firearm will be so displayed; and

“(iv) demonstrates that the individual has provided for storage of the firearm in a safe or facility approved by the Attorney General for the storage of firearms.

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