DeBlasio will set up Checkpoint Charlie at NYC entry points

After allowing terrorist to destroy the city – After de-funding the the police – After making sure that the murder rate went through the roof and after making certain that business owners and workers were shut down under threat of arrest, Mayor Wilhelm has decided to launch yet ANOTHER attack on thousands of businesses and thousands of workers – DeBlasio (who’s actual name is Warren¬†Wilhelm¬†Jr BTW) will implement “Checkpoints” at all Tunnels, Bridges and roads leading into NYC – 36 states must quarantine upon entry. There will be a a maximum $10,000 fine for violators – It is important for Democrats to keep this Scamdemic going because the objective is to create the illusion that people are in danger which will usher in the mail in ballot – which will surely become referred to as the Greatest Political Fraud in U.S History.

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